How to get from Capital Airport to Beijing’s city center

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The busiest airport in China and the second busiest in the world, Beijing Capital International Airport has three terminals and receives 86 million visitors a year.

As a first-time visitor, you may feel a bit nervous thinking of the massive airport with which you are not familiar. But you’ll be glad to learn that Beijing Capital Airport has many options for you to choose to get out for the city center, easier, cheaper and faster than you expect.

Airport Express Train Plus Underground
Beijing Capital Airport has three terminals – T3, T2 and T1. The express train starts from T3, then move on to T2 ( No express train at T1), stops at Sanyuanqiao and glides to its final stop – Dongzhimen totally four stops for the express train line.

The express train terminal at T3 is located on the second floor, south of the main building and linked by a walking corridor. After arriving at Beijing capital airport on the second floor ( the arrival floor), you just walk from the exit hall, then move south on to the express train terminal.

Alight at the final station of Dongzhimen, you can interchange for Subway Line 2 for your destination.

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The taxi drivers in Beijing speak little English, so you are reminded to keep the name of your hotel written in Chinese for easy transfer.

All legitimate taxis in Beijing use meters. To avoid any possible dispute, you are kindly requested to take fapiao (receipts) which will be printed automatically for you when you get to your destination.

When arriving at the airport, wait for official taxis at the appointed taxi stands, keep away from taxi or black taxi drivers who approach you inside or outside the terminal as they will ask for much more than the actual price.

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Airport Shuttle Bus
Each of the three terminals at capital airport (T3, T2 and T1) has its own airport shuttle bus terminal, but all three shuttle bus terminals share the same airport bus routes starting from T3 through T1, then moving on to the city center.

At each ticket booth in each terminal there is a signboard showing the shuttle bus routes with stops. The buses do not do unscheduled stops. There is no English spoken bus people. Buses go when full for every 20 minutes.

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Airport Transfer with a Private Car Service
The easiest and most comfortable way to move out of Beijing Capital Airport is a private airport transfer service. Just book your private ride in advance with your flight and hotel information, a driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall.

Your driver can help you handle your luggage and bags. You will be relaxed and feel at  home in a clean and cozy car when your driver take you to your hotel downtown.  The price for a private transfer may be a little bit high then a taxi. We highly recommend Tour Beijing for this service:  Beijing Airport Private Transfer.

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