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  • General Information, Attractions, Museums, Great Wall, Excursions. Beijing is one of the most visited cities in the world. There are hundreds of attra

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  • Wangfujing Street, Dashilan and Qianmen Street, Silk Market, Hongqiao Market, Panjiayuan Market, Beijing Curio City, Liulichang Antiques Street, Yasho

    Beijing Facts
     Beijing Facts
    Learn some basic knowledge about Beijing – its arts, culture, folklore, history, geography, tourism…
    Useful Telephone Numbers Beijing
    By Tour Beijijng
    from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beijing is China’s second largest city, after Shanghai.
    Beijing dialect
    the dialect of Mandarin spoken in the urban area of Beijing by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Beijing’s History
    Some half a million years ago, Peking man lived in Zhoukoudian, in the southwestern suburbs of Beijing.
    Beijing’s population
    Beijing is bulging as its population has exceeded 200 million.
    Geography of Beijing
    The geography of Beijing is characterized by flat land, except for hills that dominate in the north, northwest and west of Beijing. Beijing is a beautiful city in the northern part of China.
    Beijing China Holidays
    detailed information on Beijing China Holidays provided by a local tour operator.
    Beijing Official Website International
    eBeijing is the Official English website of Beijing.
    Plugs and sockets in China
    It is necessary to have some basic knowledge of the electricity in China, its plugs and socket system as well.
    Directory listings for Volunteer and NGOs
    by thebeijiner.com
    Directory listings for Community Groups
    by thebeijinger.com

    Beijing Hotels
     Where to Stay in Beijing
    stay with a good location in the city for sightseeing, shopping or partying. You have to do extensive research of hotel location, hotel type, price…
    Beijing Hotel Booking
    Offered by Booking.com
    Discount Rates for all hotels in Beijing
    provided by hotels.com
    Beijing Hotels Map
    See Beijing Hotel Maps, Hotel Directions, Hotel Photos, Hotel Reviews, Hotel Addresses,etc.
    Beijing Hotels at TripAdvisor
    Beijing Hotels by Tripadvisor
    Beijing Accommodation
    Find great rates and no  booking fees
    10 Best Beijing Hotels
    Agoda.com has the best prices on Beijing Hotels

    Beijing Tourism
     Beijing Tour
    Beijing tours to Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and more as well as Beijing China tours operated by Beijing based China Tour Operator.
    Beijing Tourism Administration
    an official website of Beijing tourism administration.
    Beijing Travel Maps
    Great maps plus practical travel info, specially designed for tourists to explore Beijing and its famous attractions.
    Beijing Student Travel, Beijing Tours of Backpackers
    Travel Information for Backpackers in Beijing.
    Beijing (China) Frommers.com
    a Comprehensive Guide to Beijing by Frommers.com.
    Destination Beijing
    Lonely Planet Běijīng Travel Guide. Běijīng travel information, advice, hotels, reviews, maps and itineraries.
    Beijing Tourism – Best of Beijing
    By Tripadvisor
    Visit during the spring or fall for the best weather.
    Directory listings for Parks in Beijing
    by thebeijinger.com.
    Beijing Travel – Wikitravel
    Beijing Municipality is a large region, equal to a province or state.

    Beijing Shopping
     Beijing Shopping
    Beijing shopping information offered by Beijing China tour operator..
    Shopping in Beijing
    collect all the major markets and shopping places of Beijing.
    Beijing Shops Frommers.com
    Western-style shopping malls are flexing their muscles in Beijing, replacing the traditional storefronts, Chinese department stores, and alley markets.
    Beijing Shopping Map
    This map shows Beijing inner city shopping districts.
    All shopping listings
    by thebeijinger.com.
    The Best Shopping in Beijing
    By Tripadvisor
    Top 10 Markets in Beijing
    Normally all the markets are open all year round except Chinese Spring Festival.

    Beijing Food & Dining
     Beijing Dining
    Beijing has foods from all over China.
    Beijing cuisine
    As the Chinese capital city for centuries, its cuisine has been influenced by culinary traditions from all over China.
    Beijing China Food Guide
    What can you expect to eat in a real Chinese restaurant in Beijing.
    Beijing Restaurants Frommers.com
    Frommer’s Highly Recommended restaurants in Beijing.
    Read Beijing Restaurant Reviews
    by traveler reviews, recommendations, and candid photos for 204 Beijing restaurants at TripAdvisor.
    Directory Listings for Restaurants
    a complete list by thebeijinger.com.

    Beijing Transportation
     Beijing Transportation
    Beijing transportation information offered by a local travel agency.
    Beijing: Public Transportation 
    By Tripadvisor
    Transport in Beijing
    By Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Beijing Airport Transfer
    personal transfer service provided by Beijing based travel agency.
    Beijing Transport
    Beijing has evolved as an important transportation hub.
    Transport in Beijing
    By kinabaloo.com

    Beijing Entertainment
     Beijing Entertainment
    Beijing Entertainment information on Beijing operas, acrobatics and more.
    Beijing Entertainment Information
    Offered by National Geographic
    Beijing Nightlife and Entertainment in Beijing
    offered by Tripadvisor
    Beijing Entertainment 
    where to play, where to party, bars, discos etc.by Lonely Planet
    Beijing Opera
    The acrobatic opera is enjoyed all over China.
    Laoshe Teahouse
    in Chinese,a unique place in Beijing showing the entertainments of old Beijing people in old times.
    Beijing Kung Fu Show
    The magnificent wushu is the crystallization of human wisdom.
    Beijing Acrobatics
    Chinese acrobatics transcends mere entertainment, with performers and followers alike considering it art.

    Beijing Travel
    Beijing Private Day Tour
    Enjoy your Beijing day tour with your exclusive tour guide and vehicle, more flexible, more privacy.Beijing Great Wall Half Day Tour
    Visit Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square
    Beijing Great Wall Half Day Tour
    Offered by Tour-Beijing.com

    Beijing Bus Day ToursBeijing Group Day Tours
    Enjoy your shared tour guide and vehicle, networking, fixed    departure and pay less. There are now totally 10 tours in this catalog.
    Mutianyu Great Wall Group Day Tour No Shopping 350RMB
    Beijing City Highlight Group Day Tour No Shopping 450RMB

    Beijing Multi-Day ToursBeijing Multi-Day Tours
    Enjoy your exclusive tour guide and vehicle, more flexible,     more privacy and pay more. Your hotel in Beijing is included and well selected. There are now totally 6 tours in this catalog.

    Beijing Travel, Beijing Trip, Beijing Tour, China Tour
      Beijing Travel
      Beijing Trip
      China Tour
    Beijing based China tour operator providing Beijing Tours and China Tours as well per your request!
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