6 Things to Do on a Cheap Night Out in Beijing

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Plan your Beijing night tour? You don’t necessarily “go bankrupt” to have a good night out in Beijing. Here are some best free or money-saving things to do at night for a merry-go-round night.

#1 Stroll across the Hutongs in Shihaihai and Drink in a Cheap Bar
The atmosphere at night here in Shichahai ( popularly known as Houhai or Back Lake ) is amazing, full of life. It is an old world area teamed with vendors, bars, shops and restaurants. The lake views are great with many photo opportunities and hutongs are like a maze, a fun for a walk. Drink in a cheap bar.

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#2 Tiananmen Square & National Center for the Performing Arts
If you don’t have enough time to visit Tiananmen Square during daytime, come here in the evening. You may catch the solemn red-flag raising ceremony which daily attracts a huge crowd of domestic tourists, the buildings around the square are illuminated,  presenting quite a different and beautiful view. Move on to the west of the square to view National Center for the Performing Arts, a trendy and avant-garde landmark designed by French architect Paul Andreu.

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#3 Walk around Qianmen Street in the evening
One of the two famous the oldest and famous pedestrian streets of Beijing, Qianmen Street is sparkling at night with so many shops and restaurants waiting for you to explore. There are many traditional Chinese brands like Quanjude, Yitiaolong and Changchuntang as well as Western stores like Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs, Zara, H&M & Sephora.

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#4 Loiter around Wangfujing Street and Grab Some Street Food
A pedestrian only commercial street, Wangfujing Street is hustle, bustle and full of vibe. Come here in the evening and you will run shoulder and shoulder with people coming other parts of China and around the world, eating street food, and shop till you drop.

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#5 See the Illuminated Weird Olympic Site
The Olympic Site, often represented by Bird’s Nest and Water Tube,the centerpieces of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, is among the very few places in Beijing which are illuminated in the evening on a daily basis. Many other important public places or building are only lit up on weekends or public holidays.They offer many photogenic opportunities as well as a chance to view the architectural marvels.

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#6 Grab Cheap and Local Food at Guijie Street
Sitting down and eating isn’t necessarily expensive. Come to Gui Jie Street (Ghost Street) to have a bite of the local flavors. It is almost a 24-hour food street with many eateries on both sides. It is very  popular with locals, expats and international tourists.

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