Top Shopping Destinations in Beijing

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Plan your Beijing tour? For many first-time visitors, shopping in Beijing is a pleasant must and exciting exploration experience. Read the guide to Beijing’s best shopping malls, shopping streets and markets, and find out where to shop in Beijing.

New Silk Alley Market
No longer an alley market, it is a 5-story shopping mansion which keeps the style of “market” packed with vendors with their bargain stuff, like a mall-market.

You can find the latest fashion items and gadgets here! Always bargain in this mall-market. They also have spaces to provide drinking, dining and even have a nice restaurant to eat Beijing roast ducks.

Add: 8 Xiushui East Street, Jianwai Dajie, Chaoyang, Beijing
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The Malls at Oriental Plaza
This mall is easily accessed by subway line 1 with the station of Wangfujing. It is a modern shopping mall with a lot of western luxury brands as well as the everyday purchases. There is a nice food court with good restaurants for delicious foods. The bakery there is very good!

Add: No.1 East Chang’an Avenue, Beijing
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Panjiayuan Flea Market
Panjiayuan Antique Market is large and take your time exploring. There are rows of vendors selling the old stuff. You never forget to bargain for all the time.  The antiques include propaganda posters, food coupons, coins & paper money, second-hand books, Cultural Revolution statues ,silks, jades, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Add: No.18 Huawei Li, Panjiayuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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Solana – Beijing Lifestyle Shopping Mall
Located close to Chaoyang Park, it is a Western style shopping mall, a kind of burger town. It holds a lot of international brands, high end and low.  You also find many bars, restaurants, a place full of vibes, much to do and eat. It is a great place for a night walk with the shining neon lights all round. There is an interesting section  for kids, and for parents who are looking for toys and kids’ clothing.

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Hongqiao Pearl Market

It is a mall like market,  just east of Temple of Heaven. You can get to the market by metro, line 5 and get off at Tiantan East Gate. Always bargain. Basically you can find anything here, ranging from clothes to electronics, jewelry, watches and China souvenirs. You may feel a bit weary and stressful due to the fact that many vendors are pushing you to buy their stuff.

Add: 9 Tiantan Rd, Beijing
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The Place
It is a huge mall as you expect everywhere in the world, from standard global brands to high end. No bargain here. The food court here offer many cuisines, a nice place for lunch and dinner. What makes the place different is the huge LED screen on the rooftop. the fascinating short animation on the screen lasts around 15-20 minutes and restart again after each 10 minutes, very cool!

Add: Jia No.9 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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Xidan Joy City
It is a huge and modern mall in Xidan shopping area. The mall is spacious with a lot of elbow room, clean and with lots of international brands and local as well. It is targeted at teens and middle-income people. There are a food court and several restaurants.

Add: Xidan, Beijing.
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Wangfujing Walking Street
One of the three shopping areas in Beijing  and other two are Qianmen Street and Xidan Shopping area. This street is lined with shopping malls, department stores, book stores and more. You can easily get here by metro. There is an interesting snack street branching off  the main street, known as Wangfujing Snack street where you can find scorpions, starfish, beetles, grasshoppers,skewered lambs, lamb legs, stinky tofu, strippy boiled lamb stomach, pancakes and more.

Add: Wangfujing Main Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
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Qianmen Pedestrian Street
Qianmen is a restored and revamped commercial street, a large pedestrian zone lined with time-honored shops and restaurants. A bit touristy, it is full of life with much atmosphere. It’s a nice place to have a walk and snap some photos. You can move on here from Tiananmen Square and easily accessed by subway.

Add: Qianmen Main Street, Beijing
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