Try 8 Typical Local Dishes in Beijing’s Restaurants

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Plan your Beijing tour? Apart from sightseeing, shopping, transport and accommodation, eating is definitely an important part of your trip to Beijing. Of course, you can get an easy access to a restaurant here which offers the food you eat at your home country since Beijing is an international metropolitan city where you can find the cuisines in a breeze from across the globe, embracing both tradition and fusion along the way.

If you want to have a local gourmet experience in Beijing, the 8-listed dishes below should be on your eating menu.

1.  Old Beijing Zhajiangmian  炸酱面
Zhajiangmian is a kind of noodles in soybean paste, a typical Chinese dish, especially popular in Beijing and Northern China. It is composed of thick wheat noodles topped with soybean sauce, shredded cucumbers, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, scrambled eggs, and fresh soybeans. Zhajiang sauce (Soybean sauce) is normally made by ground pork or beef mixed salty fermented soybean paste which is stir-fried.


2.  Peking Duck  北京烤鸭
Peking duck is a unique local dish, time-honored since Ming Dynasty. The roast duck features
its thin, crisp skin, soft and delicious meat. Usually the duck meat will be sliced in front of the dinners by the cook. The sliced meat is put into pancakes rolled with spring onion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce.


3. Instant-boiled Mutton  涮羊肉

Instant-boiled mutton, also known as hot-pot mutton, a kind of Mongolian fire-pot. It is a hot-pot dish very popular in Beijing. The lamb slices are put into a hot-pot, often a copper pot with a boiling soup base.After a few seconds the lamb slices are done and dip them a traditional sesame butter sauce. Mutton hot-pot is especially popular in winter. Now it is often eaten all year around.


4. Jing Jiang Rou Si  京酱肉丝
Jing Jiang Rou Si refers to a kind of stir-fried port dish. It is made of shredded pork mixed with sweet nean sauce, a typical local flavor in Beijing. The dish is served with a wrap with the filling of shredded l
Chinese onions.  Wraps re made of dried tofu. If you don’t eat pork, the dish uses fried tofu puffs in replace pork.

5. Hot and Sour Soup  酸辣汤

Hot and sour soup is a kind of soup with ingredients to make it both spicy and sour. You can find this kind of soup in several countries in Asia. The Beijing hot and sour soup is basically made of shredded meat ,mixed with ingredients such as wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots,scrambled eggs and tofu.It is  cooked hot ( or spicy) by red peppers or white pepper, and sour by vinegar.

6. Peking Jiaozi ( Dumpling ) 北京饺子
Jiaozi is a kind of Chinese dumpling, popular in Northern China and Beijing in particular. Jiaozi (dumpling), a must for a new year’s eve dinner, especially in the northern China. Jiazi is made of ground meat mixed with shredded vegetable fillings put into flour wraps and cook in boiling water, or steamed or pan-fried.



7. Shaobing (Baked Sesame Seed Cake)  烧饼
Shabing literally means “baked pies”, a kind of baked layered flatbread topped by sesame seeds.Shaobing can be made without sesame seeds on top. It ca be made with fillings inside. But the most popular Shaobing are just layered flatbread without any stuffings. Local Beijingers often eat Shaobing when they have Instant-boiled mutton meal, as a kind of staple food.


8.Mi San Dao ( Fried Cake Glazed in Malt Sugar)  蜜三刀
Mi San Dao literally means “Honey with Three Cuts”,  a kind of fried cake spread with malt sugar – sweet pastry sugar honey Mito. It is a traditional dish or desserts in Beijing. It is made of wheat flour, peanut oil, sesame seeds, sugar, and caramel, soft, delicious and sweet but not greasy.