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Beijing is a hub of communications with roads, highways, railroads and flights connecting all parts of China as well with the major cities around the world.

It is also the popular destination of many international flights to China. There are six ring roads circling the city of Beijing. Beijing is easily accessible with nine expressways, eleven China National Highways and several railway routes starting from Beijing.

The Beijing subway is a rail network most convenient and affordable transportation. Travelling around the Beijing by bus is also the most common one of all public transport. Beijing is also a kingdom of bikes, the primary mode of transportation used in Beijing.

General Information
Beijing Transportation
Beijing transportation information offered by a local travel agency.
Beijing: Public Transportation 
By Tripadvisor
Transport in Beijing
By Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing Airport Transfer
personal transfer service provided by Beijing based travel agency.
Beijing Transport
Beijing has evolved as an important transportation hub.
Transport in Beijing
By kinabaloo.com

Beijing Flight
Beijing International Capital Airport
Official website.
Beijing Airport Express Train
Taking an airport express train is no doubt one of the fastest and the cheapest
Beijing Flight Information
Offered by Beijing airport official site
Cheap flights to Beijing
By tripadvisor
Beijing Capital International Airport
By Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Beijing Train
Beijing Railway Stations
There are four major railway stations in Beijing
Beijing West Railway station
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing South Railway Station
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing North Railway station
S Trains going to Badaling Great Wall
Beijing Railway Station
an official site of Beijing Railway Station in Chinese.

Beijing Public Bus
Beijing Public Bus
Take a public bus to the Great Wall of China, the cheapest way of transportation from downtown Beijing to the Great Wall.
Beijing Public Bus
By Wikipedia

Beijing Subway & Light Rail
Beijing Subway
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing Subway map
Including Beijing latest Subway map, Beijing subway map 2009, 2010 in English.
How to Take subway in Beijing
The subway is the fastest, cheapest way around Beijing
Beijing Subway Map
By google

Beijing Taxi
Beijing Taxi
Taxi quantity in Beijing, current legal car models, taxi charges, taxi meters and driver ID and much more…
Taxis – Beijing Transportation
insider tips on Taxis in Beijing.
How to Get a Taxi in Beijing
Beijing is serviced by a huge fleet of taxis with three basic price ranges

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